Training at Gregg Latchams

Being a trainee at Gregg Latchams is quite unlike being part of an intake of 100, or even 10 trainees. As we are not bound by a rigid training contract template, we encourage trainees to tailor the duration and order of their seats to reflect the practice areas that interest them most.

We offer the highest professional standards, detailed supervision and genuine responsibility from the outset.  Our trainees are engaged at the coal face doing real client work, so they learn quickly and become the kind of lawyers we need. We see our trainees as the firm’s future associates and partners.

Those who have experienced our approach have found it rewarding.

2014 Training Contract Applications

The application window for a Training Contract to start in September 2014 has now closed.

2015 Training Contract Applications

The application window for Training Contracts start in September 2015 will open in April/May 2014. Further details will be posted here in due course. You can also follow us on Twitter @GreggLatchams.