Our clients include charities ranging from small locally focused projects managed by volunteers to prominent national organisations.

We have a wealth of experience in advising on the formation and management of charities. We can assist in selecting the right structure or vehicle, preparing constitutional documents and effecting registration as a charity.

We can provide ongoing advice to directors and trustees as to their responsibilities under the charity’s constitution and the general law. We understand the vital importance of transparency and accountability on the part of those holding office.

Our experience includes dealing with the Charity Commission on specific questions of charity formation and administration. We also advise charities on a range of more general legal matters including mergers between charities, employment and property law, litigation and contracts of all kinds.

For highly specialised charity law questions we maintain a ‘best friends’ relationship with a larger firm whom we can instruct on these aspects while we coordinate the wider transaction. This flexible approach ensures that our clients receive consistent advice from their regular lawyer and costs are kept down.

Michael Rapps
Director, Trust and Tax Specialist
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