Food & Drink

We act for manufacturers, importers and other suppliers of food and drink.  We are familiar with many of the commercial issues commonly faced by those in the sector and this insight informs the advice we give to our clients.

We can advise on all the contractual aspects of supply chain management.  You may be positioned between suppliers who resist strong contractual obligations and demanding customers such as supermarkets and restaurant chains.  We can help to ensure reliability of supply and proper remedies for failure.

We understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a strong brand and can help you take the necessary steps to protect yourself in this area.  These may include intellectual property registrations and contractual restrictions on those with whom you enter into trading arrangements.

The sector is tightly regulated in areas such as food safety and labelling.  We can assist you in complying with the rules relevant to your particular business.

We have experience of buying and selling food and drink businesses.  If you are considering a sale or purchase we will be pleased to give you some initial strategic thoughts and a price or range.

We can also advise on a range of general legal matters which may affect those in the sector, such as employment and property law, director and shareholder issues, litigation and contracts of all kinds.

Andrew Gregg
Legal Compliance Officer and Notary Public
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