We act for a wide range of businesses whose activity is based around IT and the internet.  These include online sellers of goods and services, software providers and manufacturers of high tech products.

Technology pervades every sector and our skills in areas such as online sales of goods, gambling or publishing and high tech manufacturing are referred to in the pages for retailleisurecreative and media and industrial products respectively.

We have expertise in the key areas of law relevant to technological businesses.  We can prepare licence terms for your own software and can advise on the terms governing software provided by third parties, ensuring suitable back to back protections from your sub-licensees where possible.  We can assist with IT and internet contracts in areas such as web hosting and content or data management.

Intellectual property is central to technology businesses and we can help you with the steps necessary to protect yours, both contractually and by suitable registrations.

We can also advise on a range of general legal matters which may affect those operating in the sector.  These include data protection, employment and property law, director and shareholder issues, litigation and contracts of all kinds.

We have experience of buying and selling technology businesses.  If you are considering a sale or purchase we will be pleased to give you some initial strategic thoughts and a price or range.

Edward Boal
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