Transport & Logistics

Our clients in this sector range from operators of warehousing and distribution services to bus and taxi companies.  We are alive to the risks and priorities for those transporting goods or people.

Agreements for storage and carriage of goods may be complex and will need careful scrutiny to avoid excessive risk being passed from the customer to the operator.  We will seek to ensure that your liability is capped at a level you can manage and that performance regimes are not unduly punitive.  We will also look closely at exclusivity and termination rights to ensure that the deal reflects your expectations.

Those involved in transporting members of the public will need to pay particular attention to health and safety matters and the rights of individuals under general law.

We can advise on these areas and a range of further issues which may be relevant:

  • Vehicle and equipment contracts including leasing and hire purchase
  • Insurance and the passing of risk in goods in transit
  • Intellectual property including trade marks
  • Buying, selling or renting of warehouse, depot or office premises
  • Defending motoring charges

We have experience of buying and selling transport and logistics businesses.  We can also advise on a range of general legal matters which may affect those in the sector.  These include employment law, director and shareholder issues, litigation and contracts of all kinds.

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