Debt Law

Everyone expects their customers to pay their bills. The reality is, however, that more and more people are failing to pay. The time taken trying to get payment can be considerable and can be damaging to the successful running of your business.

Gregg Latchams now has a one-stop solution for our clients – ‘DebtLaw’, which offers a cost-effective and proactive service to assist in the collection of outstanding debts from customers.

DebtLaw combines the best debt collection practices with the instant availability of access to court procedures when required.

Our dedicated debt collector, with 25 years of experience, will contact the customer both by telephone and letter to decide on the most effective recovery method to avoid expensive court proceedings. However, if the case does need to go to court, we will start proceedings on your behalf and then take the most effective means of enforcement action to recover the debt.

We will include in any claim, a claim for interest (either at the rate allowed by the courts or at the penalty rate allowed under legislation) together with any penalty charges and costs (if applicable).

The majority of the charges you pay will be recoverable from the debtor, thus making the cost to you as small as possible – if not zero.

If the claim becomes disputed we will also advise on the most cost-effective way of resolving the dispute.

We will take the hassle of debt collection away from you and minimise the disruption and cost to your business at all stages of the process.

Please contact our Litigation partner, Richard Gore on +44 (0) 117 906 9400 for further information.

Our Costs

Letter & telephone callfixed fee of £25 (for one call and one letter)
Beginning proceedingsfixed fee of £50 to £100 (depending on the amount of the debt)
Entering judgmentfixed fee of £25
Enforcement actionfees on request

All figures are exclusive of VAT, which will be payable. Court fees will also be payable if court proceedings are necessary.

If proceedings become contested, appropriate fees will be discussed in advance of action being taken.

Richard Gore
Director, Head of Department
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