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IP & Media

Our team provides expert advice on defending, managing and protecting valuable intellectual property and reputational rights across a wide range of industry sectors. They also provide expert advice to the media sector, including advice on film, TV, music and publishing agreements and deals; advertising campaigns, press releases and media regulation.


    “The advice I received from the team on the sale of my rights in a software tool was clear and concise. Their technical understanding of the software and its component parts was very important to me.”



Our clients produce important works in the software, arts, music, and design fields. It is essential that these rights are protected, managed, and enforced.

Our team will work with you to ensure that your rights are clearly defined, documented, and protected against infringement. We can help you to grow value in your creations and to trade/licence them.

We aim to give you a single point of contact to manage your global IP portfolio. Whether you have issues in the UK, Germany, or Japan, we can work with our network of foreign agents to ensure that you get clear advice on what to do next, in the same format, every time.

We offer

  • Infringement and dispute resolution services
  • Clearance advice
  • Global copyright management
  • Commercial agreements

Our experience

  • Licensing and assignment agreements between consultants, software companies, charities, and fragrance companies
  • Infringement advice in relation to gallery catalogues
  • Infringement advice in relation to works of art

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For enquiries, please contact one of our team for a no obligation initial phone call, alternatively contact us via the switchboard on 0117 906 9400 or

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